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Training Beyond the Qualification

Most driving instructor trainers will tell that becoming a driving instructor involves passing
the Driving Standards Agency's parts 1,2 and 3 tests. In reality, there are many skills you
will want to have as an instructor that are not covered in the DSA's exams.

As a school we are absolutely unique in making sure you will fully prepared for when you actually start work,and will give you advice and support on many additional topics, including:

- How to provide a good customer service
- Finding a good balance between enjoyment and teaching progress on lessons
- Evaluating when a pupil is test ready
- Sit-ins on lessons with experienced instructors
- How pupils change their driving under test conditions
- The difference between the way we teach and driving in the real world
- Pass plus
- Confidence building tips for your pupils
- Marketing yourself as an instructor
- Sourcing a car
- Additional qualifications
- Help organising your diary
- Advice on tax issues and accountancy

It's often said you learn to drive to drive once you pass your test - this is something we strongly
disagree with. Equally, you shouldn't start teaching without first being fully prepared.

Training with us will ensure your start in your new career is as smooth and relaxed as possible.

The Coopers Driving School Team