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part 3

 Part 3: The Teaching Exam
Part 3 is certainly the most challenging of the 3 tests, but with good preparation and plenty of practice, you will find that teaching starts to come naturally and you can start to implement the knowledge and skills you developed during the first 2 parts.
The part 3 test comprises of two phases, whereby you will be asked to teach an examiner on a specific topic as if they were a learner driver.  The first phase will be aimed on new learners, and would include some very basic driving tuition, such as performing a turn in the road.  The second phase, will be aimed at learners who are close to test standard, and the areas covered include such topics as the reverse park or overtaking.
The key to the success at this exam is being able to identify, analyse and correct the examiners mistakes, whilst making sure the lesson is conducted in a safe manner.  The examiners are actually trained to make their mistakes quite obvious and may also give hints as to the problem.
Covering the set teaching topics as specified by the DSA will include over 40 hours of tuition with your instructor.  These sessions can be taken intensively, or if your prefer, over a longer period of time.
We will also cover all other aspects of your part 3 exam including:
- Dealing with different types of pupil,
- Delivering instructions
- Gauging your pupils experience
- How to identify, analyse and correct your pupils mistakes.
- Using diagrams and flashcards
- Different levels of instruction
During every in car session you will be marked on an assessment sheet of which you will receive a copy at the end of each session, you will also get a copy of an agreed action plan where any faults identified will be listed along with the analysis of why they happened and suggested remedial action
you need to follow to fix it .
Timescale for part 3 training can be anywhere from 1 week to 11 weeks.

The Coopers Driving School Team