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part 2

Part 2: The Driving Test
The part 2 is again, based on a standard learner test, but the DSA will of course expect your driving to be of a much higher standard.  Whatever your standard of driving at the moment, we can give the training you will need to achieve and surpass the level of competence you will need to pass your part 2.
Your part 2 training is best done in parallel with your part 1 training, this will enable to you progress through the course more quickly, and the information you gain on each part will help you with both exams.
Training will include over 18 hours of tutored driving, which will be broken up into 5 separate session. The set structure we follow for part 2 training, has a proven history of success and will take you well beyond the part 2 standard.  
Training also includes mock tests, which will give you the feel for driving under real exam conditions.  Mock tests are invaluable for preparing yourself all driving exams, and are usually taken by a different instructor than the one you have taken your training.
During your part 2 training we will also be introducing skills towards your part 3 training, which will help ease you into the final and phase of your training.
Timescale for part 2 training should be approximately 5-8 weeks, although this will usually be taken alongside your part 1 training.

The Coopers Driving School Team