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course summary

To qualify as an approved driving instructor it is necessary to complete 3 exams set by the driving standards agency:

Part 1: Theory test (100 Questions and hazard perception)

Part 2: Driving test

Part 3: Practical teaching test

Although the exams must be taken in order, parts 1 and 2 are best studied for in parallel. It can take anywhere between 3 months to 2 years to complete training. Getting qualified quickly will be limited by the waiting list for exams set by the DSA, this may be up to 6 weeks for the part 3. The key to succeeding in the exams is really about dedication and personality. If you enjoy your training and have good people skills, then you will find training should go smoothly.




Every trainee worries about "is this job right for me?", "will I enjoy the job" etc. This something all of us go through, and in our experience, people find the job more than meets their expectations. If you worry about whether you are up to passing the exams, we will able to give you a good guide after just 1 or 2 hours of meeting you.

We have a near 100% success rate of people completing the course. The support we give you throughout your training is second to none, and you will usually keep the same trainer throughout the course. This is important, as not swapping between trainers means that your training will be much more organised.


How Long Will My Training Take?

Your training time will mainly depend on exam waiting times (which we have no control over) also the CRB check.  It will also depend on the length of time you choose to spread your training over, as you may want to fit your training around existing commitments.  
You could be realistically finished your training and working as a full time instructor in 3 months.
We pride ourselves on training the very best instructors so you can be assured that we will train you in every aspect of driving instruction, we will not be teaching you to simply pass a series of tests.

Trainee's are offered the opportunity to be paired up with a fully qualified instructor, who will act as a mentor, and be there for support throughout your training and beyond.
We will deliver the training you need, fit the training around whatever existing commitments you may have and help you get that all important qualification into a fantastic new career.


The Coopers Driving School Team