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Tess's Testimonial


After seeing various ad's on tv about becoming a driving instructor I decided to give Coopers a call for more information.  I have always worked with children and have two of my own, so teaching comes natural to me, and I wanted to change job for something I could fit around my family commitments.

I looked various places that offered training, but I chose Coopers mostly because you don't have to pay for everything up front.  Everybody in the school I spoke to was friendly and helpful, so I arranged my initial meeting with the instructor trainer.

The whole training process was very organised and the first two exams I found easy enough, although I did have to put a lot of time into preparation.

The final exam is where you are actually expected to teach a driving examiner on some aspect of learning to drive. It was quite nerve racking, but with the experience I had gained on my mock tests with Coopers and the trainee license, I passed with flying colours on the second attempt.

I now love my job, I'm bossy and I love driving, so its absolutely perfect for me - plus I get to spend time with my family.

I can recommend Coopers and Gavin to anyone looking to become a driving instructor.

Tess Angell

Coopers Driving School Instructor

Adham's testimonial


Before training as a driving instructor, I was a van driver for a national company. Whilst the job was fun, the pay didn't really reflect the unsociable hours I was working, so I decided to have a look at other career options.

I looked into a few different training opportunities, one of which was training to be a driving instructor with one of the big national companies. A friend of mine had been in a serious accident, so I was particularly interested in taking an opportunity where I could make a difference in road safety.

After meeting with a national driving instructor college, I didn't really feel that they had my best interests at heart, so I decided to look around to see if I could train more locally.

My girlfriend learned with Coopers and really got on with her instructor so I decided to give them a call.  After meeting with Gavin, I realised that this was something I would really enjoy and was decided to focus on becoming a driving instructor.

From start to finish, my training was spot on.  I managed to fit training around my delivery work and either Gavin or Nathan were available for help whenever I needed them.

Initially, I was worried that the training would be like going "back to school", but it was nothing like that.  Most of the training is taken in car, and involves practices your practical skills.  The theory was also quite straight forward, and all the materials I needed were supplied by the school.

I would suggest to anyone considering becoming instructor, that the most important thing is that you get into it for the right reasons.  You have to really enjoy working with different types of people, and you have to work hard to make sure every lesson is 100%.  For me, its possibly been the best thing that has happened to me, and honestly look forward to my first lesson every day.

Life is very good, and I'm now working on my trainee license with Coopers.  I hope to be a fully qualified instructor within the next few months and to continue helping people learn to drive around the Kidderminster area.

Adham Malik

Coopers Driving School Instructor