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Coopers driving instructor franchise


We are one of the UK's most reputable driving schools and are always interested in hearing from both qualified instructors and prospective instructors who would like to work with us. We only take on new instructors where weknow there is a demand, and our support for our staff is second to none in the industry.

Many national schools have a high turnover, and instructors generally use them as an expensive stepping stone towards becoming independent. Our franchise charges are far less than most national schools, we do this simply as this is the only way we can keep the very best instructors within the school.

We like instructors to be fun, friendly, reliable and serious about teaching, driving standards and road-safety. We are also constantly looking into other areas of tuition such as the fleet sector, motorcycle, LGV training and we encourage all of instructors to get involved in all our ventures. We can provide many opportunities to progress within the industry that as part of a larger school or as an independent ADI are simply not there.

We generally do not offer discounts on lessons, we offer first class driving tuition at a reasonable price and we want instructors to earn a good income.

Joining The Team

If you have trained with us, you will already know that strive for the highest standards and deliver on our promises.However, we will consider taking on ADI's or PDI's that have trained elsewhere if we feel they meet our expectations.

Heres Just a few of the many benefits of working with us:

Support whenever You need it
Free check test training (with a grade 6 instructor)
Choice of car options
Part time and full time Options
Leather starter folder
All stationary included
No hidden charges
Top rated part 3 support
Free usiness banking

Our successful team are ready to support you whatever your needs and we promise go further than any other driving school in helping you to make your career a success.

For an informal chat, please call (0800) 9550554 and ask for Nathan.

The Coopers Driving School Team