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Can I train from anywhere in the country?

We can provide instructor training anywhere in the Midlands. If you are from outside our area, we will provide accommodation for you in very comfortable surroundings during your training at a discounted rate of £20/night.

Are there any hidden costs in the training?

Our fees includes everything you will need for your training and qualifying, but you will need to pay for your 3 exams with the DSA separately. Please check the DSA's website for up to date costs of these exams, as prices can be updated frequently.

Can I fit my training around existing commitments?

We can train you around whatever schedule you may have. We can also train you intensively and complete the syllabus in just 2 weeks if that is what you would prefer.

What if I fail my Part 2 or Part three exam 3 times?

In the very unlikely event this was to happen, you can restart the course and we will continue to train you at no extra charge (as long as you have followed the advice of your instructor trainer).

What is the trainee license all about?

We have more detailed information on the trainee license <>

What happens once I qualify?

Most graduates decide to take a franchise with us and we do offer all our trainees a position within the school. However, we will support you in whatever you choose to do, and have the experience to help you make the right choice.

Will you guarantee me work?

Yes we guarantee all instructors a role within the school, and we believe we are unique in offering a guarantee that we will supply enough work for you to keep a full diary.

Why should our train with Coopers?

Simply put, we use one of the most successful, experienced and highly qualified instructors in the industry and our success rate is second to none. We will go further than any other school to make sure you pass your exams first time, and get off to a great start in your new career.

Our course is priced much more competitively than most other serious instructor training organisations.

I'm considering taking a cheaper course I have found elsewhere.

Unfortunately, (until the law changes) any driving instructor may advertise themselves as an driving instructor trainer. This is the reason why most statistics show that only 10% of people who start driving instructor training actually go on to complete the course.

We have a near 100% rate. On top of this, your training will be enjoyable, professional, structured and you will finish our training ready for life beyond the final exam.

Is any training classroom based?

The vast majority of our training is based in car. There is no substitute for real world experience, so we try to minimise classroom training.

Will I have different instructors?

No, unlike many training providers, you will keep your instructor throughout the training process. We will provide a separate instructor trainer to provide the all important mock tests, as this more accurately recreates the feel of the real exam and will provide more objective feedback.

I feel intimidated about the amount I may have to learn

All instructors start their training from a very standard, it takes time and good tuition to build your skills and knowledge. The secret to completing the course is not memorising vast amounts of information, but the ability to see the wood for the trees and to deliver a safe lesson and be able to recognise and correct driving faults. Many people actually complete their final exam and wonder - was it really that straight forward?

I'm not sure if this job is right for me.

If you've seen the adverts on TV advertising selling driving instructing as a very easy life and have been attracted by the salaries advertised, then you may be getting into things for the wrong reasons. However, if you're serious about wanting to teach, have a professional attitude and great people skills then you will find that its a fantastic industry to be in. Once starting work, most trainee instructors find the job actually exceeds their expectations.

I'm worried there are already too many instructors out there

There is without doubt a shortage of high standard throughout the country. A driving instructor with a fantasticreputation will always be busy. Additionally, we do not need to cut our prices to learner drivers to compete - be aware of any schools that offer cheap and cheerful lessons. Additionally, with the constant increase in road safety standards, the demand for driving instructors is also on the increase.

How long with whole process take?

This depends on you, but you must complete the training within two years of successfully taking your part 1 exam. The bottleneck to completing the training is always the waiting list for exams dates. In theory, you could be working within two months on a trainee license and fully qualified with three months.

What if I change my mind about the training?

This is why we make all payments staged throughout your training. If you pay for your training up front, you stand to lost everything if you don't complete your training.

I'm not sure my driving is up to scratch.

That's what we're here for, we can turn almost any driver into one that could pass a part 2 exam. We will actually train you well beyond a part 2 standard.


Any other questions feel free to call and ask

The Coopers Driving School Team