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About Coopers Driving School


Coopers Driving School are a school based in the Midlands, our goals are simply to have the best reputation in the industry and to deliver tuition at the very highest level.

We understand that customer service is just as important as road safety when it comes to reputation, and we
only choose the most enthusiastic, qualified and professional instructors to work with us.

Happy Instructors = Good Instructors

To keep the best instructors within the school, we keep our franchise fee extremely low compared to our competitors.

We also make sure instructors are happy by ensuring there is always enough work and that every instructor in the school feels part of the team. Unlike many driving schools, we do not take on instructors unless we are sure we have enough work available for that area.

We also like to socialise and from the outset you will be given a mentor, who will be there to support you right through your training and beyond. You will also have the opportunity to sit in on lessons and take mock tests for other instructors.

We also care passionately about road safety. We like all instructors to take an advanced driving qualification within their first year of working with us, and we will help you further by continuing your training and advising on other qualifications that will be useful to you.

If you'd like to be part of our team, please contact us for informal chat with one of our instructor trainers.


Please call us if you have any additional questions on 0800 9550554.

Nathan Cooper DSA ADI (Chief Instructor Trainer)


The Coopers Driving School Team